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Excellent Fan Fiction of Trek Writers

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Welcome to Best Trek Fic!

Our Purpose:
This community holds monthly challenges for Star Trek fan fiction and voting for the best story to come out of each challenge. Both writers and readers are welcome. Best Trek Fic was created by idic_writer and is currently maintained by babel

How it Works:
- On the 15th of each month, the community will vote on a prompt.
- On the 1st of each month, the winning prompt will be announced.
- You will have until midnight on the last day of the month to write a Star Trek story based on that prompt. There will be a reminder posted every week on Thursdays.

- Every story written for the community is entered into the monthly contest.
- On the 1st of each month, voting for will opened.
- You will have until the 15th to read all of the stories written and vote for the one you think is best.

- The first post time you post to the community, your post will be moderated. This just means that your post will be looked over by a moderator before it appears on the community.
- Stories posted here should pertain to the month's prompt and should be newly written. Old stories are only permitted if they've been completely rewritten or altered since they were last available to readers.
- Stories written for this community should be rated G through R. Sex and violence are fine, but they shouldn't be gratuitous or overly graphic. No NC-17.
- Stories should be set in a Star Trek universe and/or contain Star Trek characters. Alternate universes, crossovers, original characters, etc... all of it's fine as long as it fits the month's theme.
- Stories should be one-shots or stand-alone stories. What this means is that the story is complete in and of itself, not a work in progress or to be continued. It can be part of a series, but each story posted here should be a full and complete story by itself. You may post a story in parts if it's too long for LJ, but it should all be posted at once and before the end of the month. No WIPs will be included in the voting.
- Stories should have proper grammar and spelling as well as a readable format.
- All stories either go behind an <lj-cut> or a link.
- You may write up to three stories for each month's prompt(s).
- Don't post advertisements for other communities without permission from the maintainer.

Please use the following header when posting your stories:

[TOS, TNG, DS9, etc.]

You may add to the header (if you want to include ratings, warnings, notes...), but please do not subtract anything.

Have fun!