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Cats Mieow

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Chapter One

Captain Janes T Kirk slumped back in his chair and stared at the viewscreen in front of him. he was tired, the injury to his lower back was stabbing at him and was casuing discomfort. Kirk rubbed his eyes and concentrated on the task in hand.

"Mr Spock, what do you make of the spherical object?

Spock had been studying intently at his science instruments and had not been able to find any scientific explanations for the anolomy now in the path of the Enterprise.

"Captain, i cannot acertain what the spherical object is. However i do know that it is metalloid in structure and has a hollow interior. It is a mile in diamaeter and there is a breatheable atmosphere".

Kirk looked at Spock and then back at the viewscreen. It had been over two hours now since enocuntering the spherical object and all attempts to communicate with the object had failed. he came to a decision.

"Mr Spock, i am forming a landing party, your'e with me, Mr Scott you too. Mr Sulu you have the con until we return. Have Dr McCoy and two security personnel meet us in the transporter room". 
Kirk vacated the command chair and Sulu flicked a switch on the armrest to call Dr McCoy and the requested security personnel to the Transporter Room. Kirk, Spock and Scotty left the bridge and headed for the turbo lift, they entered and the door closed, each of them wondering what would lie ahead.
                 Dr Leonard McCoy was in an irritable mood waiting in the transporter room for the rest of the Landing party to arrive. He had been pulled away from a particularly interesting point in his research on Fabrini Medicine.
"Jim, why do we have to use the transporter? Just for once i'd like to use the shuttle and not have my molecules scattered into space!".
Kirk looked at McCoy and was in no mood to argue, his lower back was hurting more than ever.
" Bones, you knew the risks when you singed on in Starfleet. We have a duty, to explore new worlds, new frontiers".
McCoy frowned but said nothing more. he had seen Kirk's pain clouded eyes and hoped that his services would not be needed on this trip but he felt uneasy. As soon as this mision is over i'm running a check on Jimn in sickbay thought Mccoy. He looked at Spock and they both silently acknowledged their concerns. The landing Party stepped onto the transporter and disappeared in a shimmer of gold.

Chapter Two    

    Hilrulki Sulu sat in the Command seat and was awaiting for confirmation from the Captain and the Landing Party had safely arrived on the spherical object. It never came. Instead Sulu's eyes widened in horror as he witnessed an orange glow round the sphere radiate out hurling at the Enterprise.
"Raise shields! " Sulu shouted and with seconds to spare shileds were raised and protected the Enterprise. But the Enterprise was still violently shaken and the bridge crew went flying from their seats. Sulu clung onto the command chair, raising himself into the chair, barely catching his breath and looked up at the viewscreen, the spherical object had seemingly vanished. Quickly gathering his thoughts Sulu ordered a sensor sweep of the entire sector. He was worried that he would not see the Captain or the Landing Party again.


TBC !!! Hope you like it so far !!!! :)


Sorry that it took so long to approve this. I was moving to a new city and such. :)

A few things, though: Please put this behind an LJ-cut. All you have to do is put <lj-cut> before the story text.

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Ahh right, thanks for that!!. Points noted and taken on board!! Better get cracking and finish the two Trek stories i have ongoing then !!! :)