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babel in best_trek_fic

New maintainer with January's prompt and seeking ideas for future prompts.

Hello everyone. :)

idic_writer has handed the community over to me. I don't plan on changing anything drastically, so the community we all love will remain intact. For more information on how I'll run things, check the new userinfo. If you have any questons/suggestions, please feel free to comment.

This month, the prompt is: Free Choice! Anything you want to write that fits within the rules of the community is fair game.

Also, if you have prompts you'd like to see up for voting in the future, please comment or email them to me at dilificus[at]gmail[dot]com.


Very very nice edits! ;)

You're doing a great job so far. :D

Hey Hon

Do you mind removing me as moderator as well? Thank you! :*

Re: Hey Hon

Done. :)