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January Challenge!

Ok, guys--I'm going to do something rather unusual, I would think. I'm going to post a challenge upon which hinges the future of this community.

I'm really concerned that no one is responding to challenges and am considering closing best_trek_fic altogether. If this matters to you, post now, any story at all that complies with community guidelines. If you have a suggestion, comment to this post.

Because if there are no new stories or comments in this community by 12midnight EST US Sunday Jan 7th, it gets flushed. It would be nice, though, if that didn't have to happen.


1) Does it need to be a new story?
2) Would ideas on how to get the community to be more active be welcome?
I feel awful. I love writing and I love Trek. But When teh challenges come I either have no inspiration or no time to do it. I've been working on a Data and Geordi story but it's far from completion or else I would post it.
I hope this comm doesn't die. I like it, truly.. I just can't get my muse to cooperate.
Ohwait, I didn't see the sentence about making suggestions. :)

Perhaps we could have the votes for themes in the middle of the month before each challenge, like while we're still writing the previoius one? That way, we could have a full month to write our stories. It's really hard to come up with an idea and write a story with only two weeks notice, and sometimes time timing is just off. I know that having the challenge in the second half of the month makes it nearly impossible for me to participate most of the time, and I'd really love to take part.

Also, perhaps some advertisement? There are a lot of nice Star Trek communities which allow it... I'd be happy to do some on advertisement on my comms, entficathon and ds9ficathon. There are plenty of amazing writers between those two communities.

These are all great ideas!

Let me ask you this: would you be interested in taking over the community entirely?

Re: These are all great ideas!

Sure. If you aren't interested in it anymore, I definitely would want to keep it running. :)

Thank you so much!

I have set you as maintainer and me down to moderator, for the time being. I'm interested in the community...I just found it exhausting trying to keep people posting.

Maybe now I can find time to *answer* some challenges! :)

Do you mind if I rewrite the rules a bit to make them more accessible? I don't plan to change the rules, just reword it and add things about how the voting and prompts and such work. (I remember being rather confused/intimidated when I first joined.)

Not at all ;)

Thank you for asking. But it's all yours now. :)
I agree with what Babel said about advertising and voting for themes before each challenge.

I'll try to get a story done. :-)